What Is Survisor?

Your gateway to easy asset management

Survisor is the culmination of years’ of development, working closely with architects, surveyors, buildings managers and IT experts, to design the best possible solution for retrieving accurate information about building stock and mission-critical assets, on demand.

Survisor is an image-driven management information system, which provides users with an instant overview or specific details about the condition of their buildings and facilities.

The Survisor system is also a portable data capture and retrieval system based on audited mapped assets, which will revolutionise the way you manage your buildings, plant and facilities.

We takes a fresh approach to data retrieval based on visual navigation and the latest touch-screen technology, using interactive floor plans to provide complex data about any number of building assets and services for health and safety checking and reporting, maintenance or any other requirements.

Survisor information navigation provides:

  • A straight-forward and innovative solution for real-time condition monitoring.
  • Diagnostic capability for scheduling checks to specific critical areas.
  • An audit trail for inspections and insurance.
  • A more comprehensive picture and more efficient management of building stock.
  • A fool-proof system providing accurate and on-time data for maintenance, inspections and replacement planning.

MAINTENANCE – Let Survisor prioritise and organise your maintenance schedule. From areas of immediate concern needing attention, to planning for future expansion – Survisor can help you to make the right decisions

MANAGEMENT – Only Survisor can give you a complete interactive picture of the condition of your building stock and assets, helping you manage and navigate the complex process of asset management.

CONNECTED – Cloud-based information storage allows Survisor to: provide instant data access; to prevent data loss; and to channel critical information directly to those who need it – when they need it.

Survisor provides the information you need, how and when you need it

Survisor Technology

Survisor combines innovative navigation technology with bespoke software created for the sole purpose of simplifying the mapping and on-going maintenance of buildings and physical assets.


Survisor comprises a unique and tailored user interface, which is custom-designed to suit specific user requirements.

The system has been developed to automatically configure so that customers do not have options that they will never use and additional modules can be added as and when required.

For example you may decide that you would like to analyse blind spots in your security system, or incorporate an underground survey, monitor crowd movement through a building or even add an interactive timetable to keep track of maintenance or contractor appointments.

Additional modules can be added to achieve the functionality you need – all from one portable system.

Instant Reports

The data forms the basis of the system and as well as navigating the database visually you can ‘query’ the information held. Ask the system to provide a report of all the areas in need of urgent repair, print a contact sheet of all of the best condition office spaces , or give a breakdown of window replacement costs. Almost any criteria can be compiled automatically in a report at the touch of the screen.

Sometimes hard copies are required and Survisor’s comprehensive print options allow floor plans to be printed at any scale with the data you need. The Survisor system can also ‘link’ to printers to provide reports, photograph prints or even a quickly generated floor plan to help a colleague to navigate through an unfamiliar site.

Safeguarded Data

Information gathered by Survisor cannot be lost. As all information is stored in the cloud information retrieval system, it can be restored and accessed at any time.

And for retrospective interrogation requirements, all reports are archived online, accessible from the system to provide a clear historical record of inspections and past checks completed.

Getting Started

There are just five stages to getting started with Survisor

  1. A measured digital survey of your premises will be completed by one of our approved surveyors
  2. You then specify your ‘layer’ requirements to be instantly available via Survisor.
  3. We conduct an inventory of building stock, equipment, fixtures and fittings and any other assets you need to monitor. This survey enables us to create detailed reports providing objective condition scores, repair and replacement costs for every aspect of the space, together with evidential photographs and additional data.
  4. You specify your required modules and configuration.
  5. We brief you on your Survisor system and provide you with your Survisor tablet for instant start up and access to your information.

You can then begin starting to use Survisor gaining the benefits from this bespoke information capturing and reporting system. Survisor uses a very simple user interface and is delivered with all of your required customer building asset information, ready to go, requiring very little or no training.

The Survisor system is supplied under license giving you the maximum benefit of the latest upgrades, technical support and advice and data management.

Technical Support

A dedicated team of technical specialists is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the period of your license.